BATTEC UAB is the only manufacturer of industrial lead-acid batteries in Lithuania and one of the first to produce lithium batteries and energy storage systems. Our products are labeled with BATTEC – Battery Technology. Designed in the EU – trade mark, a brand that reflects state-of-the-art battery technology and European quality standards.

BATTEC production is designed according to long-term experience in battery manufacturing, research and sales. Each BATTEC battery series is fully adapted for specific application and ensures optimum performance indices, top reliability and long operation. Batteries produced according to our specifications are of exceptional quality due to special attention to details of construction, purity of raw materials and accuracy of production processes.

All suppliers of BATTEC production and raw materials are carefully selected and verified. Therefore, these companies meet the requirements of and operate according to ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. Each batch of products is tested for top quality and impeccable performance parameters.

We actively participate in battery technology development processes and have patented the innovative technology to produce lead-acid battery items for stationary energy systems. The product design and production process improvements result in impeccable quality BATTEC batteries.

BATTEC is about reliable batteries, high technologies and exclusive service.