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BATTEC Lithium battery modules


Lithium energy modules are battery blocs with build-in 18650/26650 cells. Simplified shape and connections makes easy creating and building of almost any required energy storage system.

Designed for high power electrical vehicles, large energy storage systems and critical power solutions. Modules are equipped with flame retardant case to meet highest requirements of industrial consumers.


  • High specific energy and high load capabilities

  • Wide operational temperature range – do not need conditioning

  • Very long service life at up to 60⁰C – 20 years

  • Longest cyclic life at 100% DoD >2000 cycles

  • Cyclic life at 50% DoD >5000 cycles

  • High capacity, low internal resistance

  • Light weight, high power density

  • Intelligent battery with built-in battery monitoring system (BMS)

  • Truly maintenance free

  • Can be mounted any position including upside-dow


  • Electrical vehicles

  • Renewable energy

  • Power utilities

  • Data center

  • Emergency lighting

  • Transport signalization systems


  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 45001

  • TS16949

  • IEC 62133

  • UL

  • TUV

  • CE